Welcome to Pro-Grip.

We make grips of fine hardwoods that fit the AR-10, AR-15, Eliseo, and Tubb T2k rifles.

compact Pro-Grip installed on AR-10
Compact black walnut grip installed on an AR-10

When we looked around for wood grips for our rifles we found there appeared to be a real need for high-quality hardwood grips.

Each grip is selected by our master woodworker and is then machined on a 3-axis CNC machine. Our current approximate time to produce and ship a grip (from payment received) is two calendar weeks.

AR-10 with Red Pro-Grip mounted

AR-10 with Red Pro-Grip mounted

If you want to select a grip from current stock, we can ship it within two business days. We strive to keep a reasonable number of grips in stock so we hope to be able to meet your needs promptly.

All our grips are guaranteed for life for the original owner for defects in workmanship or materials.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@pro-grip.com.


Photos credit: Gavin Gear, UltimateReloader.com