Cheekpieces coming soon!

We’ve got a cheekpiece for the Eliseo stock prototyped and will be trying it out (and showing it off) in Sacramento the first week of March Madness.

Also working on a cheekpiece to fit the WOA adjustable buttstock. The prototype should be done this week as well.

We’ll be selling these in an introductory bundle price with one of our grips by the end of March.

They are the same black walnut as the grips.

New grip – Palmrest

Our new palmrest prototype is done. So we can offer grips with palmrests for those of you who want the full PSG-1 style feel. They are finished with a brass slide in the walnut, which gives them a really nice feel and look. Pictures coming as soon as I have some time to take them.

Next matches (2014)

I’ll be attending these matches over the next few weeks:

11-16 March – California State Palma Matches (Sloughouse, CA)

24-26 May – Washington State Palma Matches (Rattlesnake, WA)

24-25 June – Washington State LR Championship (Rattlesnake, WA)

31 July – 4 August – BC Target Rifle Championship (Chilliwack, BC)

6-11 August – LR Fullbore Matches (Camp Perry, OH)

14-23 August – Canadian Fullbore Championships, Connaught Ranges (Ottawa, CA)

My Match Schedule

I’ll be attending these matches in Washington, Oregon, and BC over the next couple of months. I’ll have at least one sample of our Tubb/Eliseo and AR grips with me in walnut and Delrin. You can purchase from me at the matches with a check or via credit card. Grips will be shipped to you within three business days after I get back to the Rock (Camano Island).

May 12 – Machias (Lake Stevens)
May 19 – Paul Bunyan (Puyallup)
May 26-27 – Douglas Ridge, OR (Burden Cup Palma match)
June 2 – Mission Rod & Gun, BC
June 9 – General Vokes Range, BC
June 23 – Plantation Range (just south of Bellingham)
June 30 – Paul Bunyan (Puyallup)

Red Delrin

Actually, I don’t think it’s Delrin. It’s a little bit softer, though much harder than walnut.

We have a bunch, enough to make quite a few grips. I don’t know if we’ll get more anytime soon but it’s proving to be very popular already.

The black Delrin is very limited. Only one in stock. I’ll put up photos as soon as I have it back from our tester.

And no, there are no other color options available at this time. Camo looked interesting but it doesn’t appear to be available in the block sizes we need.

Welcome to our new site!

It took much longer than anticipated, between going to competitions and getting my new .308 match rifle up to speed, but I’ve finally got this site up.

It is a bit less glossy than I had envisioned and there is no shopping cart, just a direct purchase option.

Please let know any feedback (through and if I find it useful I’ll incorporate it.

Additions in the near future will be a couple of endorsements and maybe photos of the grips installed on user’s rifles.