We believe that this grip design addresses a number of issues most people have with the standard AR-style grips. For serious shooters, the stock grip is an uncomfortable compromise. It’s overly narrow, too short in the back to front dimension, and is built to be one size fits all.

Paduak being milled from solid block

Standard grip being milled from a solid block of Paduak

Shooting at a high level requires that every aspect of the gun be properly fitted to the shooter. Unfortunately the grip has largely been neglected in this fitting process.

Our grips establish the proper dimension to improve the placement of your trigger finger on the trigger. Because of their greater diameter, they help cushion the impact of recoil much more thoroughly than a stock grip.

Our grips bolt on very quickly, using the same thread of bolt (though frequently longer) than the stock AR or Tubb/Eliseo.

The final design is a result of consultation and prototyping with national record holders and members of US national long-distance shooting teams over the last year.