Grip Sizes

We have two designs of grip (one for the AR-pattern rifles, and the other for Tubb/Eliseo pattern rifles) as well as two different contours for a total of four different combinations.

side by side Tubb & AR

AR cut on the left, standard cut on the right

With all our grips, the top of the grip is shaped to support and cushion the web of the hand between forefinger and thumb.

Tubb and Eliseo grips are smooth on top, not needing the safety lever cutout that we put on the AR grips. The AR grips have the safety cutout to allow you to activate and deactivate the safety in spite of the larger grip design.

tubb and AR cut

AR pattern cut on the left with cutouts for safety lever and fire-select plunger, Tubb/Eliseo pattern cut on the right

Each style of grip is available in a standard size with a circumference at the thickest point of about 7″. Further, each of these sizes may be ordered with either a standard front strap contour or a modified contour that mimics the angle of the AR grip. The practical effect of selecting the modified (compact) contour is that it narrows the grip slightly in the area that your three lower fingers grasp the grip (to a circumference of about 6.5″). Individuals with smaller hands, or shorter fingers should order the compact grip.

The standard size of grips utilize a slight curve on the bottom edge of the grip (purely aesthetic). The compact size of grip dispenses with this and has a flat bottom.

serial number on bottom of grip

Each Pro-Grip is serialized for warranty purposes.

In order to deliver on our warranty promise, each grip is individually serialized upon completion.

Each grip is warrantied for life against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner.